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SEO Enterprise is on the path to fitness

SEO Enterprise is on the path to fitness

Pro-Fit 21

We try and stay relatively healthy here at SEO Enterprise. Well, some of us do…

I mean, we do like the occasional McDonalds but we like to counter act that by occasionally taking the stairs instead of using the lift. That’s living a balanced life right? However, one of our newest clients is promising to have us on the road to fitness. Introducing Pro-Fit 21.

Pro-Fit 21 was created by personal trainer Simon Anderson. He wanted to create a health and wellbeing community whilst simultaneously providing an online platform for freelance personal trainers in and around the Greater Manchester area.

The concept behind it is that a group of people can achieve much more than just a single person. We love the team ethos that they have over at Pro-Fit 21 as it’s the kind of thinking that we like to implement in our own office. Everyone pulls together and works as a team unit to get the job done!

Pro-Fit 21 have come on board with us for the full SEO Enterprise package, which includes:

  • Search Engine Optimisation
  • Lead Generation
  • Keyword Research
  • Blog & Content Writing

We’re really excited to start working with Pro-Fit 21 and we’re confident we can further increase their online presence, making them the premier place to go for quality freelance personal trainers in Manchester.

If you’re looking to increase your own online presence and want to know more about how we can help, contact us to discuss our range of SEO services.

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