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SEO Enterprise – Google Has Done What?!

SEO Enterprise – Google Has Done What?!

You may have noticed Google looking a little different of late. No? Take a closer look. Go right… bit more… see anything missing? No? See that big ol’ empty space? Yes, they’ve removed the right hand ads! There you go. Took us a while too if we’re honest – after an hour of using Google: “Google have taken the right hand ads off!” “Oh! So they have! I’ll Google it.”

Friday February 19th saw this change roll out in its entirety. Four text ads now appear above the organic search listings and three below, at the bottom of the page. The four at the top will be served up in relation to the ‘highly commercial queries’ such as ‘no win no fee’ and ‘car insurance. You know, lucrative areas of business and retail. In other words, what Google deems a definite purchase.

Will advertisers pay the same amount to be stuck down at the bottom in the three PPC list as they did at the top of the right hand rail? Who knows, it’s a little too soon to tell as data hasn’t been compiled just yet on the impact this big change will have. One thing is for sure, we’ll be keeping our eyes peeled and our lug holes pinned back in order to monitor the impact it has on both paid search and SEO – as you guys know there’s no cobwebs on us here at SEO Enterprise! We keep it moving, we adapt to what we have to work with, we can modify our approach in line with policy changes and any new regulations Google throws at the SEO world. Being a lead generation company isn’t always easy, but we’re never tempted by unethical practice and so if we have to switch it up after this change to Google ads then we are ready.

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