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What Do SEO and Content Marketing Have In Common?

What Do SEO and Content Marketing Have In Common?

SEO and content marketing are often viewed as two very separate entities. The former is used to target specific keywords and improve your search engine rankings, while the latter is a means of promoting your products or services through engaging content. Right?

Many small businesses owners might approach a marketing campaign firmly believing that they don’t need content marketing and would rather concentrate on SEO- or vice versa. But what they fail to realise is that SEO isn’t possible without content marketing, and content marketing certainly isn’t possible without SEO.

Think of it like a pen and a piece of paper: one is pretty much useless without the other.

Any SEO expert worth his salt will tell you that SEO is all about content. It’s certainly no secret that Google prefers websites that are regularly updated, and coming up with fresh content is the best way for you to do this. Updating page content and creating blogs is all very well and good, but it’s the consistency of your content creation that will improve your rankings.

Whatever kind of written content you’re putting together, it’s obviously going to relate to your business in some way. Naturally, whenever you talk about your business, you’re going to end up including certain keywords in your content- whether this is intentional or not.

This means that anyone labelling themselves as a content marketer is (perhaps inadvertently) contributing to SEO. Since SEO just doesn’t work without content and is essentially all about allowing the search engines to find this content in the first place, then those specialising in SEO can also consider themselves content marketers. Make sense?

The confusion seems to arise from the subjectivity of the term “content marketing” as a whole. Let’s not forget that the art of pushing products out in front of the right audience can be traced back centuries; the only thing that’s changed is the number of ways businesses can now shout about themselves.

In essence, content marketing is simply the creation of great content that engages audiences with your brand. Something it is also essential for SEO. Simple.

It wasn’t so long ago that you’d have to contact a newspaper, magazine or radio broadcaster to enquire about promoting your products. You’d have to find out what your audience was interested in, then pay a third-party to actually advertise whatever you had to offer. While that’s still true to an extent today, it’s undeniable that businesses now have much more control over their own marketing.

It all comes down to the advent of the digital age. This is where SEO comes in. No longer are businesses having to rely on third-party publishers to push their products, because they can now do it themselves through their own website.

For a successful SEO campaign, you need to keep coming up with unique, engaging content that targets specific keywords. This content then needs to be shared with the right audiences to increase traffic and generate interest in what you have to offer. This can be done through social media, blogger outreach or essentially any other ethical means of getting your content out there.

The result? You’ve just turned into a content marketer.

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