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Santa Says… “Be Good When It Comes To Your SEO!”

Santa Says… “Be Good When It Comes To Your SEO!”

SEO Enterprise is one hundred per cent ethical. What we do here on a day to day basis is all legitimate, professional and above board, but we know that there are some unethical companies out there who operate way outside the realm of professionalism. Those naughty scamps are most definitely on Santa’s Bad List, while we are on his Good List, without a doubt! Here’s a list of those naughty practices that any reputable SEO company steers clear of…

Buying links – you see a rise in your rankings for a while but you’ll be found out soon enough, and Google will penalise you in the long run, heavily most likely, and the short term gain won’t have been worth it at all.

Link farming – building a link ring with enough credible content to target the area you want to focus on without getting caught is a big task. It’s just not worth it, because again, Google dishes out serious penalties for this kind of stuff.

Stealing site content from others – well, it’s in the name isn’t it? Stealing content isn’t cool, because other website developers have worked hard to create that and you’re just swooping in and taking it as your own.

Not having a mobile site – everyone has a smart phone or at least a phone with internet capability. So why disregard making your site mobile friendly. Most people will use their phone to Google something rather than wait for their laptop to fire up, so if you don’t have a mobile site, customers won’t usually bother and you will lose your client money.

Publishing irrelevant content – is your website helpful to the people who visit it? Are they going to be any the wiser having visited your site? If the answer is ‘probably not’, then you’re being a bit naughty. You should focus on making your content more informative so that people will revisit and even better, link your site to theirs.

SEO Enterprise are taking the SEO Manchester game by absolute storm, and if you want to see real results and optimum conversion rates then you should give us a call. We will be more than happy to show you what we do, and as a lead generation company we stick with you for as long as you need us. That’s what makes us the cream of the crop, if we do say so ourselves! Now, we asked Santa for computer games and chocolate…

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