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Sales Training Manchester

Customers should be at the heart of every company, as they can ultimately determine whether or not your reputation is good or bad, and through word of mouth can ensure that you thrive as a business.

Typically, a customer will tell around one to three people about a positive experience which they have encountered, whilst a dissatisfied individual will tell between eight or ten. And then, who knows how many other people those eight or ten will then pass the information onto? However, this does not mean that you will lose customers and profit, as with the right one-on-one sales training you can get things back on track in no time at all.

If you invest in top of the range sales training Manchester, courtesy of SEO Enterprise, then you will begin to see an instant improvement as far as correct business practice is concerned. We have also joined forces with the World’s Number One Business Coaching Company, Action Coach, to help bring their outstanding Sales Mastery half-day workshop and SalesRICH, online workshop to you.

Sales Mastery

This specially designed half-day course provides business owners and sales professionals with the keys to succeeding at selling. Not only will you earn how to build rapport, ask great questions, overcome objections with ease, and how to close confidently, this course will also give you the skills to identify and make more profitable sales.


This online, fully interactive, full-day workshop will demonstrate to those looking to make more profitable sales the essential skills to do so. You will learn why people switch off and how to switch them back on, how to communicate better, how to ask the right questions and how people buy before you ask them to.

By implementing state of the art software that can effectively monitor interaction between customers and employees productivity will automatically improve, and this makes for an altogether happier workforce. Communication also becomes easier with professional one-on-one sales training, as new methods and techniques can be adopted in order to generate consumer interest and heighten customer awareness.

Sales training has to be constant and continuous, with regular sessions and courses for staff to participate in, so that they can broaden their horizons and expand their skill set. Our fantastic sales training Manchester solutions include inbound telephone training, complaint handling methods and communication skills workshops, and we offer a number of tailored one on one sales training courses which deal with planned selling, closing techniques, objection handling and questioning procedures.

It is essential for any business to invest in sales training Manchester so that their staff can work with confidence and capability, and bring new ideas to the table. Make the customer experience one to remember with the help of SEO Enterprise!

For more information regarding our bespoke one-on-one sales training get in touch with us today.