Royal Nawaab

We’ve been working with Royal Nawaab for a number of years now and it’s always proven to be an incredibly successful campaign, but there’s no doubt that 2017 was the biggest year yet.

The Client

With leading Indian restaurants in Manchester and London, Royal Nawaab have got a fantastic reputation all over the UK. Both of these establishments are award-winning buffet restaurants, which also offer luxury banqueting suites that are perfect for weddings and large events. Not to mention, the food is absolutely delicious. Trust us.

Last year saw us overcome a huge challenge, as Royal Nawaab underwent a rigorous re-branding process which involved the creation of a brand-new domain. This meant that we had to really roll our sleeves up to get keyword rankings and website traffic back to where they should, and so we’re incredibly proud to be able to say we passed with flying colours.

The Results


Over the past 12 months, Royal Nawaab have seen well over 180,000 users visit their site, which is highly impressive for a brand-new domain. Through a combination of effective SEO and social media strategies, we have succeeded in not only driving traffic to the website, but also reinforcing the new brand image.

Over 130,000 of these users came through organic traffic, while a modest social budget has lead to just under 5,000 visitors to the site through Facebook. Since Royal Nawaab are restaurants, there may not be an effective way for us to monitor conversions, however we’d expect a large number of the 35,000 people that visited the ‘contact us’ page to have made a booking or travelled to the restaurant.

This is a prime example of the value of SEO and digital marketing. Without these campaigns in place, Royal Nawaab would have missed out on customers, conversions and high ROI.


As with any SEO campaign, Royal Nawaab’s keywords play a huge role in their digital success. Currently boasting well over 100 page 1’s, Royal Nawaab dominate the search engines for both the Manchester and London areas.

The site is ranking well for most of its biggest keywords, as it sits prominently on page one for keyword phrases such as “Indian restaurant Manchester”, “Manchester banqueting suite” and “banquet suite London.” This ultimately leads to more traffic, enhanced brand awareness and more people sitting down in their restaurants every night!

The Future

We’ve got another big year ahead of us with Royal Nawaab, and we’re expecting to see more of their biggest keywords soaring to page one in 2018! Managing their SEO and social media campaigns moving forward, we’re already building on the huge success of last year.

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