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Personalised Ads: Does Your Smartphone Listen to Your Conversations?

Personalised Ads: Does Your Smartphone Listen to Your Conversations?

The internet’s favourite rumour that just might be true: are we being spied on through our smartphones? The short answer is, of course, probably not; however, this doesn’t put the conspiracy theorists to rest nor does it provide any piece of mind for users. After all, it is possible to see advertisements for products and services you’ve never actually searched for yourself online. Luckily, the explanation as to why isn’t as bad as it may seem. Read on as the SEO Enterprise team explains why…

We’ve all engaged in a verbal conversation with friends, family members or even colleagues about a particular restaurant, clothing store or even a piece of technology only to be bombarded by numerous advertisements several hours later both online and on social media platforms. Naturally, this raises several eyebrows and begs the question: does our mobile phone listen in on our private conversations?

There are many explanations to explore as to why this may be happening, such as personalised advertising. A lot of people are too quick to ‘agree’ to the terms and conditions without actually understanding the nitty gritty details, and we even give liberties with the ads that we allow browsers, search engines and even app developers to display. What many people don’t understand is that your data is used in order to find the most appropriate ads, and providing microphone access to these platforms can, theoretically, result in a verbal conversation turning into an online advertisement.

Another explanation could be psychological and that the advertisement being displayed is purely a coincidence. After all, humans naturally want to seek out a logical reasoning for strange things that happen, and there is nothing quite as strange as seeing an advert for a product or service you only discussed verbally. There is also a possibility of confirmation bias, which is when a person convinces themselves that something is happening – such as their smartphone eavesdropping on their private conversations – and will subsequently find evidence and draw conclusions to prove it. In both cases, the likely reality is merely just coincidence.

Here at SEO Enterprise, our efforts are purely organic which means that we don’t need to rely on advertisements in order to boost your website’s ranking in the SERPs. After all, SEO requires ethical principles at all times. Whilst certain personal information about the user, such as their age and gender, may be taken into consideration during a web search in order to display a particular site, the information is not displayed because it has been personalised but rather because it is the most relevant and high-quality result. To find out more information, get in contact with the best SEO company around today!

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