In the world of SEO, results are all that matter. Of course, the fact that we’re all such a lovely bunch at SEO Enterprise certainly helps matters but, as one of our clients, you’re going to be much more concerned with our ability to deliver.

Fortunately, we can (and will) deliver absolutely unbelievable SEO results. We’ve achieved a great deal of success in all kinds of industries over the years, driving traffic and conversion rates up on each respective website we have worked with.

Don’t believe us? Then let us tell you about our work with one of our most loyal clients.

The Client

Pearson Fuels are a coal merchants based in Manchester, selling all kinds of goodies for you to kit out your fireplace in preparation for winter. They approached us at the tail-end of 2016, just before the start of their peak season- and it’s fair to say that we haven’t looked back since.

The Results


In the 14 months that Pearson Fuels have been one of our SEO clients, they’ve seen an unbelievable amount of traffic to their site. They’ve enjoyed over 100,000 page views in that time, with well over 70,000 of those being unique page views and a whopping 13,000 of them coming last month alone!

They’ve also seen an incredible 22,000 visitors come solely from organic search, while the bounce rate of 43% has to be considered impressive due to the sheer numbers visiting the site.


But, despite these fantastic statistics, the real pride in this campaign comes from our achievements with Pearson Fuel’s main keywords.

When they first came to us in 2016, their primary keyword- ‘coal merchants’- was sitting lifelessly way down on page 4; you know, where no one was ever going to find it. After we got our hands on this campaign, this keyword is now sitting pretty right at the top of the search engines in page 1, position 1.

But it doesn’t end there, as we’ve enjoyed incredible success of almost every single main keyword in this campaign. ‘Coal delivery’ has jumped from page 6 to the top of page 1, while smokeless coal has gone from page 7 to, you guessed it, the top of page 1.

Even the keywords that weren’t ranking at all in 2016 have seen a dramatic improvement. ‘Kiln dried logs’ wasn’t even on the first 20 pages, and now sits in position 6 of page 1- and it’s only going to go one way from there.

If this doesn’t demonstrate why we provide the best SEO in Manchester, then we don’t know what will! Contact us today if you need to breathe fresh life into your website, and we’ll be delighted to run you through exactly how we can help!