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Organic Traffic vs Organic Referrals

Organic Traffic vs Organic Referrals

There is a lot of specialist terminology used within the marketing world that can often alienate clients and unintentionally cast them out of their own campaign progress. Here at SEO Enterprise, we strive for transparency at all times and believe that there are certain keywords that every client should know in order to fully grasp the work that we are doing. The word ‘organic’ is used in search engine optimisation to refer to natural search results that aren’t influenced by paid advertising. Read on as we clarify the difference between organic traffic and organic referrals…

Organic Traffic

As stated above, organic traffic is created when users visit a website after finding it in the Search Engine Results Pages (SERPs) of search engines like Google, Bing or Yahoo! and it is typically seen as the most sought-after result in SEO as these users are more likely to be converted into paying customers. It is not uncommon for organic traffic to be referred to as ‘natural’ and this is because it doesn’t involve paid-for results at any point which means that it takes a lot of hard-work to achieve results organically. Typically, website owners will invest in marketing approaches like SEO in order to increase the ranking of their site in the SERPs as this makes it easier for users to find it and therefore more likely to click on it – creating a source of organic traffic as a result.

Organic Referrals

On the other hand, the existence of organic referrals is hotly debated amongst those in the industry as some believe that it doesn’t exist. Essentially, referral traffic is created when users visit your website from any other source that isn’t the search engine, and this includes but is not limited to email hyperlinks, backlinks that have been created between two different websites and links that can be found on social media platforms. The idea is that one website or platform led the user to your site which creates a ‘referral’ in Google’s index. When it comes to debating the organic authenticity of these links, it could be argued in favour because achieving these referrals follows the same principle as SEO and aren’t influenced by paid-for marketing methods.

Understanding the difference between basic terminology is the secret to any successful SEO campaign and an essential quality of every technician. After all, organic traffic and organic referrals are two phrases that are often used interchangeably when they are actually quite different. To find out more information about our SEO coaching, get in contact with a member of the SEO Enterprise team today.

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