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Northwich Hydroponics are dedicated to providing top quality commercial hydroponics products to customers all over the North West at competitive prices. With a wide range of equipment from the best brands in the business the showroom spans two floors and has friendly staff on hand to provide advice and guidance on all of the products available. Based in Northwich and easy to access via public transport and the A559, the showroom is open 10am until 6pm Monday to Wednesday, 11am to 7pm Thursdays, 10am until 6pm Fridays and 10am until 2pm Saturdays.

Northwich Hydroponics was one of our very first clients, coming on board with us in June of this year with a website built by another company. Using conversation rate optimization we discovered that the website was actually malfunctioning and that no customers could actually complete purchases. We’re working to rectify this and we hope to have the perfect package up and running soon. However because of the checkout problems, footfall to the showroom increased and we can monitor this by looking at the Contact Page and Directions page source figures.

We are pleased that Northwich Hydroponics is still with us, as they’ve been a client of ours from the start of our journey. We value all of clients and are happy that Northwich Hydroponics chose to work with us. Contact Page figures are up by 10%. Average time spent on the site is up by 43%, organic search traffic is up by 4% and the site has achieved first page rankings for 100’s of different searches. We hope to see them go from strength to strength over the next 12 months and beyond.