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NetBase Details Social Media Analytics Tools For Business Marketers

NetBase Details Social Media Analytics Tools For Business Marketers

In today’s digital age, there are various social media analytics tools businesses can use to help compete for a greater share of their voice against competitors on social media platforms. For those who are unaware, social media analytics are ways in which firms gather data from the various social platforms hosting their business. This allows companies to gauge their consumers’ tastes and attitudes towards their brand in order to craft a perfect strategy.

There are five platforms that are built into certain social networks themselves, providing free analytics tools for those limited to these sites. These include such tools as Facebook Insights, Twitter Analytics, YouTube Analytics, and Instagram Insights. These tools help businesses see how popular they are with consumers on these particular sites, and which posts or videos work, and which do not. These tools even offer intelligence on their competition to see how they stack up against them. While these tools are helpful, certain platforms like Tumblr don’t have built-in analytics tools. This means that if businesses want to be active on multiple channels, they may need to look for other social media analytics tools.

Thankfully, there are free platforms businesses can use that have the ability to cover either networks without built-in analytics or multiple networks at once. Tools such as Boardreader and Followerwonk track a business’s analytics on multiple sites, seeing which posts are the most or least popular, the makeup of a business’s consumer base, and trends that can allow businesses to craft more relevant posts. Certain platforms like SumAll even provide automated functions like interaction with audiences and tracking against competitors. The tools listed in this section are great for beginners at providing sufficient data to help cultivate their social media presence. That said, each of these different tools offer the chance to upgrade their services for those who pay, including greater analytics tracking and other features not present in the free versions.

While these tools offer more if users upgrade to a paid plan, they still lack many important features compared to other platforms. There are four tools in particular for those who have the budget to afford more robust platforms. The primary social media analytics platform is NetBase, which focuses on consumer sentiment, providing real-time VoC and image analytics, and alert businesses for potential threats to brand reputation. Other tools include Likeable Hub, Sprout Social, and Tailwind, all of which provide in-depth data on a company’s social presence and audience relations, as well as means of extending their reach and identifying trends for businesses to capitalize on. These tools help to grow brands’ recognition and standing with consumers to increase their competitiveness within their industry.

There are many different options small businesses have to track the attitudes of their consumer base online. This allows them to keep up with and outpace the competition, while it’s certainly possible to get by on the free tools alone, companies can get the most out of analytics tools by upgrading to services such as those provided by NetBase. That said, the free tools listed in the article are a great step forward for brands looking to make a name for themselves on the internet.


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