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Most Common Reasons Google Can’t Crawl Your Pages

Most Common Reasons Google Can’t Crawl Your Pages

Not many people know this, but when you search on Google, you aren’t actually searching the web. Instead, you are searching an index of the web, collated by Google.

The Google index is a collection of all the pages that they have crawled and cached; which is two times more pages than Yahoo! and Bing. When we search for anything, Google pulls up relevant information from its index.

So, what will affect the world’s leading search engine from being able to crawl and index your website? The answers may surprise you:

  1. No Or Incorrectly Configured Robots.Txt File

Robot.txt is used to block parts of a website that you don’t want Google spiders to access. The only way to do this is to ensure that you configure all your robot.txt correctly.

  1. Badly Configured “.htaccess” file

The main use for “.htaccess” for SEO is to redirect the pages from older domains to your new domain. If this isn’t optimised correctly, you can lose the majority of your traffic during domain transfers.

  1. Badly Written Title, Meta Tags, and Author Tags

Always follow the right format for all of these, as any deviation will mean they won’t be doing their job properly.

  1. Incorrectly Configured URL Parameters

You can tell Google exactly which dynamic links you do not want to be indexed by configuring your URL parameters in Webmaster Tools.

  1. Low Pagerank

The number of pages Google crawls is roughly proportionate to your pagerank.

  1. Connectivity or DNS issues

These makes your servers unreachable by Google spiders. If they are unreachable, they can’t be read.

  1. Domain With A Bad History

If a domain has been used as a part of a big linkspam farm or private blog network or other penalisation worthy schemes, it will cause de-indexing by Google.

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