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Misconceptions About Search Engine Algorithms

Misconceptions About Search Engine Algorithms

Misconceptions About Search Engine Algorithms

We’ve all heard of Panda and Penguin, two of Google’s biggest and most influential search engine algorithms that have managed to change the way that the SEO industry operates completely ever since they were introduced at the start of the 2010’s. Over the years, we’ve seen new algorithms like Fred, Hummingbird and Mobilegeddon introduced too. A lot of marketers fail to recognise the important role that they all play which is why we have decided to set these misconceptions straight once and for all. Read on to find out more…

Myth: They reduce rankings for the fun of it

It shouldn’t come as a shock to know that website rankings can change depending on how closely they abide by the algorithms, and these changes can be both positive and negative on any given day. SEO is a continuous effort so recent content that lacks the quality of last month’s content can be indexed and ranked differently. The search engine isn’t implementing these algorithms in order to mess around with your rankings in the SERPs for their own amusement, they’re there to ensure that marketers are constantly working on their campaigns and earn a high ranking.

Myth: Google wants to make it harder to reach page one

There is an element of truth to this one as it is true that Google uses its algorithms to make sure that the most relevant and high-quality websites rank on page-one, however they aren’t there to make it any harder. If anything, it should be easier for websites to climb the ranks in the SERPs when they are using the algorithms to focus their campaigns as everything the search engine is looking for is laid out for you in black and white.

Myth: Algorithms don’t stop black-hat marketers in the SERPs

The search engines introduced these algorithms in order to combat the growing number of unethical marketers that were taking over the SERPs and managing to get low-quality websites to rank well. It can be frustrating to see these people still at work after over 10-years of contending with algorithm updates, however Google has incredibly strict guidelines and these websites are penalised faster than they can change their approach. So fret not, black hat marketers don’t stand a chance anymore!

Here at SEO Enterprise, we believe in fair and ethical marketing which is why we use the search engine algorithms in order to guide our campaigns. As the most competitive search engine on the web, it is safe to say that Google needs these rules in order to regulate the industry and ensure that only the very best websites are given priority in the SERPs. The process is there to make things as fair as possible. To find out more information, get in contact with the best SEO company on the market today.

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