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Live Long, and Prosper (and Start Your Own Business!)

Live Long, and Prosper (and Start Your Own Business!)

We’re doing really well after our first year, so we’re glad we took the leap of faith and started SEO Enterprise. We won’t lie, it’s been tough. There have been times when we’ve thought we had taken too much on, but we’ve persevered and it’s been worth it definitely. We just want to take this opportunity to tell anyone who is unhappy with their life, unsatisfied with their employment, or in need of new direction that if you’ve got a skill, enthusiasm and drive, and of course, dedication and thick skin then it might be worth starting up your own business. There’s nothing stopping you, but you.

There are plenty of sources you can access if you’re unsure, websites and such that will tell you what you need to know and of course, there are investment possibilities too.  The thing to remember is don’t give up. If you really want it, then you have to go get it and you can’t be scared. You can’t let anyone dissuade you because the payoff is so worth it. Looking at all your hard work becoming fruitful is so satisfying and of course, there’s no body above you to dictate to you.

Of course, there is a lot of work that you probably haven’t thought about that will pop up or creep out of the woodwork and you might feel as though it isn’t worth it, but trust us it really is. We feel such a sense of achievement knowing we’ve done this ourselves, and we love that we’re our own boss. We’re proud to be an SEO company with a twist and we’ve built the company up from the ground; if we can do it, so can you.

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