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Knowing What Makes A Great SEO Copywriter

Knowing What Makes A Great SEO Copywriter

Before you start looking for an SEO writer, it’s best to have a clear idea in your head of what exactly you’re looking for. SEO content can create a huge boost in traffic that makes its way to your website; or it can seriously damage your ranking on search engines.

We want to share with you the things you should be looking for, so that you get the best deal for your business.

Quality Not Quantity

Businesses often make the mistake of thinking they are getting a good deal when they pay for a large bulk of SEO articles and blogs at low prices.

Whilst you may be getting between 5-10 articles a week, the quality of those articles is going to be more of a hindrance to your site than a benefit.

Badly written SEO content isn’t worth the money you pay for it. Splashing out a little more money for a little less content may sound crazy when you’re already paying less: but the quality of those articles will make for a good read, and will gain you trust that won’t be established through cheap, untrustworthy content.

Audience and Search Engine Balance

An SEO writer has to have the right balance between writing for SEO purposes, and writing for the intended audience. The best SEO writers always write for an audience first, and blend the keywords naturally within the content.

The best SEO writers write for people, not for Google search. Taking the time to understand their audience and what’s important to them helps them create content that is readable, and enjoyable.

Check The Costs

With SEO, the old adage rings true: ‘If you pay peanuts, you get monkeys’. Investing in quality SEO writers is of the utmost importance. The best writers don’t necessarily have to be SEO experts, after all, they need to be a writer first: understanding how to write for the web and an audience.

Cheap SEO content might not harm immediately, but when the damage is done it can be hard to win Google back to your side.




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