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The Importance of Guest Bloggers on Your Site

The Importance of Guest Bloggers on Your Site

We all know in the world of SEO that blogs are a must for boosting your website’s credibility and relevant content.  There are so many sites out there with blogs and sometimes they feature guest bloggers. It’s a great way to get new bloggers featured and it also works in your favour if you let a guest blogger onto your site, because then the door is open for you to guest blog on their site in the future. This could also be a way in to the ‘Can we do a link exchange?’ question when guest blogging on sites within the same industry as you, for example, tree surgeons and landscape gardeners, or a cosmetics company and an accessory company. If you build good rapport with other businesses and site managers, you can often have a wealth of contacts at your fingertips.

Guest bloggers can spark a lot of interest especially if the guest is well known or has a lot of followers on social media. This in turn generates comments on the blog and traffic to your site; while people are commenting on the guest blog they can have a little nosy round the site and they may be surprised to find that they actually like your business or that you are just what they’ve been looking for.  A popular guest blogger can generate shares of your website too on social media and elsewhere. Again this can spark footfall and further interest in your site and your business.
Guest bloggers bring a different perspective on issues. They may have the same perspective as the next person on the whole, however their reasoning behind the similar perspective will most likely be different to yours. Their experiences will be different and their knowledge comes from different places to the knowledge you have. Multiple sides of the issue can be brought to light with guest bloggers and therefore you may find people’s opinions can be swayed. Not in a manipulative way, but more so in the sense of opening their minds up to alternate possibilities.  A fresh look on an issue can give you the information to make an effective decision.

With guest bloggers comes potentially better insight. Guest bloggers who have a speciality or a discipline they are trained in will undoubtedly bring with them insider knowledge, little snippets of info that usually only they will be privy too and that is great for the readers of your blog. Inside info can be important for people to make an informed decision too.
There’s only one downside to having a guest blogger though, and that is that sometimes your readers won’t want to read a guest blog. Some people are close-minded and they will only listen to or read posts by trusted writers. It can be annoying but don’t let that put you off having a guest blogger on your site. The benefits are great and if anything it gives you some free time!
SEO Enterprise loves a good blog, because we’re an SEO company with a twist. We’re not into black hat tactics or unethical modes of operation. We’re dynamic, innovative, and we always try our best to provide our clients with the utmost in dedicated service. We know the importance of legitimate SEO, and because we’re a small but mighty team we always know how things are going with our clients and we can keep a close eye on how our customers are doing. There isn’t another SEO company in Manchester who will dedicate themselves to the cause like we do, so make sure you get in touch with us for all your SEO needs!

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