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How Will SEO Survive a Recession?

How Will SEO Survive a Recession?

As one of the most adaptable industries around, SEO has changed considerably over the years but still manages to retain its reputation as the best internet marketing approach on the market. With this said, the COVID-19 pandemic has caused a recession the UK which may put the future of such practices at risk. After all, most businesses tend to cut their marketing budget when the going gets tough. Read on as we explain how SEO will manage to survive the 2020 recession…

What is a recession?

In layman’s terms, a recession can be a mild decline in economic activity in a single country that last for several months, a long-lasting downturn with global ramifications that lasts many years, or anything in between. In fact, there are a lot of variables that contribute to the health of the economy which can make it difficult to pinpoint specific causes. For instance, a recession may be the result of a financial crisis, trade shock, supply shock, the bursting of an economic-bubble, or a large scale natural or anthropogenic disaster. As it stands, the 2020 UK recession has been directly caused by the COVID-19 pandemic.

Why does marketing matter more than ever?

Although it may be tempting, reducing one’s marketing budget during the current recession may not be the most effective approach. After all, most businesses will end up saving in the short-term only to lose out in the long-term because their SEO campaign will have to re-start from scratch again. As a result, it is important to continue funding marketing efforts throughout the recession in order to remain one step ahead of any competitors, particularly if they decide to sustain their campaign too.

Will SEO thrive during the recession?

Online marketing is incredibly adaptable which is why SEO has managed to thrive throughout even the most troublesome economic downfalls. After all, the methods that are utilised during a campaign create long-term results which means that the effort that is put in place now will help a website nab the top spot in the SERPs as the economy recovers from the recession later. Furthermore, any companies that choose to pause their marketing efforts will reduce the competition, allowing another website to rise within the ranks.

The news of a recession comes as little surprise for those who have been following the updates from economist throughout the COVID-19 pandemic. After all, it is something that we have been heading towards since the government made the difficult decision to implement a country-wide lockdown and social distancing measures. Luckily, SEO is a very resilient industry and should be able to make it through the dark times unscathed. To find out more information, get in contact with a member of the SEO Enterprise team today!

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