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How to Use Google Trends to Complement Your SEO

How to Use Google Trends to Complement Your SEO

Launched all the way back in 2006, Google Trends is a free website from Google that allows you to analyse the popularity of particular search queries across the Google search engine depending on location and demographic. Here at SEO Enterprise, we believe that it could be considered a valuable tool to use alongside your marketing efforts. Read on as we go over a handful of different ways that Google Trends can be used in SEO…

Keyword Research

Finding the most appropriate phrases, terms and general search queries that users are likely to make in relation to a particular service and its website is a process used in SEO known as keyword research. Google Trends allows you to see how a particular phrase may increase or decrease in popularity over time and may prove helpful in determining which keywords are the best to target.


Although Google Trends does primarily focus on keywords and phrases, it does allow you to look at their popularity based on location. In fact, you can use local keyword trends in order to see exactly how your phrases may behave and allow you to put together a targeted and specific strategy as a result.

Brand Positioning’s

A lot of phrases will increase and decrease in popularity in accordance with the time of year, certain holidays like Christmas and birthdays, and may even be influenced by the news. Brand positioning is all about focusing your campaign efforts so that your website can be found with ease when its services are most appropriate. Google Trends allows you to track how keyword phrases change over-time so you can plan ahead for the best results.

There is nothing more ineffective than an SEO campaign with no direction or intention. After all, a lot of marketers jump in at the deep end intending to simply increase organic traffic, but fail to put the measures in place to do so. Google Trends isn’t as in-depth as Google Analytics as it isn’t a piece of marketing software, however it can be used to factor popular trends into your content to attract the most amount of traffic. For the best SEO coaching around, get in contact with a member of the SEO Enterprise team today.

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