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How to Optimise Your SEO for Mobile Devices

How to Optimise Your SEO for Mobile Devices

Here at SEO Enterprise, we know how important it is to stay up to date with all the latest changes in our industry. After all, the very best campaigns are both ethical and relevant. With this said, it has been five years since the introduction of a new Google algorithm dubbed ‘Mobilegeddon’ was implemented which forced technicians to alter the way they approach their website visibility on smartphone devices; however, it continues to remain as important as ever today. Read on as we explain how to optimise for mobile-friendly SEO…

Responsive Design

The screen of a smartphone device is much smaller than a desktop website and it is also interacted with in a different way. As a result, it is important to ensure that the display is responsive for the device that it is being viewed on and website developers should make sure that a site has an optimised mobile layout. Not only is this a core algorithm necessity, it prioritises user experience and is more likely to generate traffic.

Create Mobile Friendly Content

Many technicians and copywriters tend to forget about the way that content is displayed on a mobile device which is why it is important to create blogs and articles with smartphone users in mind. For instance, long articles with large paragraphs will look overwhelming on a mobile phone and are more likely to create a high-bounce rate whereas the implementation of media like images and videos are more likely to encourage interactions.

Optimise for Local Results

Our mobile devices are more advanced than we realise and the results on them can be tailored in order to account for the local area. As a result, technicians should ensure that they focus on ranking for local keywords as this will guarantee that they are displayed in the mobile SERPs accordingly. This is often done by targeting keywords with specific locations included like cities and towns.

There is nothing more important to the success of an SEO campaign than smartphone compatibility. After all, research suggests that over 55% of people browse the web using a mobile device and this figure only continues to rise each year. For all your mobile optimisation needs, get in contact with the best SEO company on the market and speak to a member of the SEO Enterprise team today!

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