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How to make your site mobile friendly


How to make your site mobile friendly

Mobile devices managed to overtake the number of people on the planet back in 2014, since then websites have had to adapt to searches that take place on these mobile devices more than any other.

Laptops and home computers still abound, but the majority of internet searches are done via people’s mobile devices. These compact devices that sit in our pockets and rarely leave our side have made us able to search whenever and wherever we are. When people are so easily able to search, it is vital that companies are able to optimise their websites to work smoothly on mobile devices, ensuring they don’t miss out on business.

Simple Designs

When your site is displayed on a mobile device you are working with a much smaller display. Therefore you need to reduce your website down to a more minimalist design in order to have the same affect and not become too confused and overcrowded.

By reducing down your display you are helping direct viewers’ attention towards the content they need. Mobile viewrs have a notoriously short attention span so make sure they can find the information they are looking for quickly and nothing gets in their way.

Avoid Flash

Most mobile devices don’t support Flash so it’s advised to avoid it all together. Any website that relies heavily on Flash Is not going to display or run properly on any mobile device.

Flash is already being seen as a redundant technology, even on desktop, so look for more modern alternatives, such as HTML.

Don’t block Javascript, CSS or Image files

Your mobile site needs to be universally compatible and one of the backbones of a responsive, mobile friendly site is Java with CSS and Image files. With these your mobile site should display clearly on nearly every device.

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