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How to get website visitors to stay


How to get website visitors to stay

Website owners put a lot of effort into attracting visitors and getting people through the door is the first obstacle for all businesses, even if that door is a digital one.

With so much time, energy, creativity and money going into attracting visitors, many overlook what it takes to get those visitors to stay on your site. ‘Bounce Rate’ is an important term for website owners, it can make your stomach sink or your heart flutter depending on the number.

A high bounce rate means people are landing on your site only to bounce straight back out the door without spending any quality time looking round. And when people don’t take the time to look around, it is very unlikely they are going to buy anything.

Luckily, there are easy tips you can follow to help keep visitors on your site for longer, making them more likely to see the benefits of your products and services and more likely to buy them:

Visual Design

Contrary to what we’re taught, books are judged by their covers and websites are judged by their landing page. If your website doesn’t look good, people aren’t going to carry on looking at it.

The look of a website is a subconscious action from visitors so it can be difficult to get right. People aren’t searching the web for the most aesthetically pleasing websites, but he way your site is represented either instils confidence or it doesn’t. When people see a poor quality website, they will instantly think that the products or services on offer will be the same.

Headline Act

Just as a journalist will display the most exciting part of the story at the top of the page, rather than halfway down, so too should your website. Don’t hide your flagship product or service where people need to search through pages and pages to find. Be proud of your headline act enough to put it front and centre. Chances are that is the reason visitors are there in the first place.

Add a ‘Call to Action’ to your headliner to encourage visitors to journey further into your site.

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