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How to Create SEO Friendly Content Ethically

How to Create SEO Friendly Content Ethically

There are a lot of common mistakes that SEO copywriters will make when writing blogs and articles for marketing purposes, and they can often have a negative effect on the rank of a website in the SERPs. Although many of them aren’t considered to be black-hat techniques, they are on the fence and can be seen as unethical from Google’s perspective. Read on as the SEO Enterprise team goes over 3 things to keep in mind when crafting SEO optimised content…

Plan content using keyword research

Nothing screams spam to the search engine more than a poorly structured piece of content on a website, and that is where a lot of bloggers tend to struggle. Google is looking for quality and relevance so it is crucial that you factor the keyword into your topic and plan your content around it to be indexed in the most favourable way. There is a lot of power behind a keyword and using it properly will ensure that you don’t fall into the trap of keyword spamming.

Use internal links within content

Keywords are often hyperlinked back to another page that exists within a website and this creates what is known as an ‘inbound’ or ‘internal’ link in SEO. When used with intention, these links can be used to redirect the user to other pieces of content that may be relevant and also encourage the search engine spiders to actively scour the site for information. Internal links are considered an ethical approach in SEO so long as they aren’t overpowering the content and distracting the reader.

Find a balance between quantity and quality

It is often said that a quality article will appease the search engine a lot more than an article that boasts quantity, however these rules can become slightly blurred from an SEO perspective because Google is partial to a comprehensive and detailed piece of writing. Sometimes a 300 word blog post just isn’t going to deliver the same impact as an 800 word blog post, however when choosing to write more it is important to avoid black-hat pitfalls like plagiarism, keyword stuffing and spam due to lack of relevance.

As a part of our SEO coaching service, the team here at SEO Enterprise want to emphasize the important role that ethicality plays within a campaign. After all, the search engine has put certain algorithms into place in order to level the playing field and make things as fair as possible. The best way to achieve long-lasting, reliable results is to abide by the rules at all times.

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