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How to Build Backlinks Ethically

How to Build Backlinks Ethically

The search engine uses links that are implemented within the pages of a website in order to understand how relevant a site is and learn about the services that are on offer. In fact, we use them ourselves on an everyday basis in order to navigate between the homepage, product descriptions and even blog features. With this said, backlinks are an entirely different ball-game because they are created in order to link websites to one another and build credibility. Read on as we explain how to ensure that ethicality plays a role within the SEO backlink building process…

Be a valuable source of information

Whether it be a blog or an article, content is the most effective tool to utilise within a link-building strategy because it can open a lot of doors and gives the search engine something to analyse as part of its ranking process. With this said, it can also cause a lot of problems if it isn’t written ethically as the algorithms now look for relevance and quality within every website. Creating backlinks by placing hyperlinks within content should be done so using content that provides value to the reader as the search engine follows these links and wants to be greeted with quality at all times.

Quality Over Quantity

Many marketers and SEO technicians struggle to see the importance of creating high-quality backlinks between two respectable websites and tend to obsess over building as many as possible. Although backlinks can be used to increase the credibility of your site, they can also have a counter effective when implemented in the wrong way. Remember, it is much more ethical to use fewer high-quality backlinks than to overcrowd a piece of content with a lot of them as the search engine may class this as spam.

Guest Posting

The most effective way to create outbound backlinks is to utilise guest posting within an SEO strategy. This is a process that involves creating content which is then uploaded onto another site and ‘linked’ back to your website using a hyperlink, thereby creating a backlink. With this said, the guest website in question should always specialise in a similar industry for relevance and utilise ethical marketing practices as a low-quality website cannot vouch for your website as effectively as a high-quality one does.

Here at SEO Enterprise, we know how important it is to remain ethical at all times within the internet marketing industry. After all, search engines like Google are more aware of black-hat techniques than ever and using these will only reduce your website’s credibility in the SERPs. To find out more information, get in contact with a member of the team and ask about our SEO coaching services today.

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