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How is COVID-19 affecting digital marketing?


How is COVID-19 affecting digital marketing?

The current situation caused by Coronavirus has lead to unprecedented changes to every UK business. Even those deemed eligible to remain open during the pandemic, including supermarkets and healthcare specialists, have had to drastically alter the way they operate.

The world of digital marketing has also had to adapt quickly to the rapidly changing situation. With many small and medium sized enterprises having to close down completely for the foreseeable future, many have had to prioritise their cash flow and look at pausing and/or cancelling their marketing plans.

Even large corporations like Twitter and Facebook have recorded a notable reduction in advertising around the world as many can no longer to afford to pay, or even see the need to advertise, in a time when nobody can access or make use of their services until quarantine is lifted.

This is also a unique situation for digital marketing agencies as now, more than ever, people are stuck at home and are using their online devices more than they ever have before. It is estimated that the average person is using their smart phone for an average of 4 hours more each day than they usually do.

With so many people accessing digital channels that are otherwise monetised for advertising, the big question for those who run a business is: do I take advantage of the increased traffic or do I put a hold to all my advertising until everything is back to normal?

Obviously the answer to this question differs business to business. Many will now be struggling to pay their staff a wage and marketing will obviously have to take a back seat until further notice. Others, though, may be able to keep things ticking over by working from home and can take full advantage of digital marketing opportunities now that will pay off wen the quarantine is lifted.

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