Hello everyone, this is your Captain speaking.

Okay, it’s not really, it’s his Communications Officer but it sounded good, didn’t it? Anyway, after some nice shore leave stuffing our faces with chocolate and leftovers and playing countless exasperating games of Monopoly with our Nan, we’re back on board and ready to kick 2016 in its brand spanking new backside. We have some new clients we can’t wait to introduce you to over the coming weeks and we also have some rather exciting news…

We’ve got a new office! Yep, that’s right, we are moving from little old Stretford into the big bad city centre of Manchester and we couldn’t be happier. We’ve been working hard getting it up and running, getting the phones in there as well as the internet, making our desks look fancy and all that kind of stuff, and we are pretty much ready to launch at warp speed and get all of our lovely clients off to a fantastic flying start in 2016.

We hope all of our clients and supporters have had a lovely break over Christmas and New Year and are ready to get back to the grindstone. For all our new and prospective clients and supporters, don’t be afraid to contact us via phone, email, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram… That’s right, we have a full armoury of social media at our disposal and we ain’t afraid to use ‘em! You can find us on Facebook as SEO Enterprise, on Twitter as @seo_enterprise, Instagram as @SEOENTERPRISE and our individual email addresses and other contact details can be found in the ‘The Crew’ section of this website.

We’re a lead generation company so you know we’re with you for the long haul and we won’t just jettison you off into space when we’ve got you where you need to be. We’re with you for the journey and that’s why we’re rapidly creeping up behind other companies to take the crown for being top in the SEO Manchester game. We’re personal, we take the time to get to know you and your company because it’s your baby, your livelihood. We take your business just as seriously as we take our own.

So, again, Happy New Year to you all, and we look forward to introducing you to our fab new clients over these next few weeks!

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