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Is GDPR a Golden Opportunity for Marketers?

Is GDPR a Golden Opportunity for Marketers?

After everything you’ve heard about GDPR coming into effect in 2018, you would be forgiven for thinking the way marketing companies do business will change forever. And it will – for the better.

GDPR does sound intimidating at first glance. The fines that can be issued by the ICO are forcing corporations to rethink their entire marketing strategy. The new legislation shouldn’t be seen as a setback; now is an opportunity to create targeted marketing campaigns, aimed towards people that actually engage with your brand.

How is GDPR beneficial for marketers?

  1. Consent

With the implementation of GDPR, you now need to gain explicit consent when using an individual’s information. You need to be able to provide, on demand, exactly what information you have on a customer, who it is shared with, and what purpose it has been used for.

Now, instead of a simple yes or no answer when questioned about customer data, you are now able to provide them with a range of options to discover what they are interested in. Consent is now the key to gain insights into each individual’s interests, so you can provide them with the exact information they want.

  1. The Right to be Forgotten

If requested by a customer, your business will have to be able to remove all data you hold on them, across the whole organisation. Current systems mean that data may be stored in different places for different purposes. Having a single platform, like a CRM system, helps you keep track of all your permission data whilst remaining GDPR compliant.

  1. Transparency

Customers deal with organisations that they trust. Projecting transparency is the definitive way of developing this trust. By showing exactly what you are using a customer’s details for will show the customer that you have their best interests at heart, strengthening your trust as well as your engagement.

With the implementation of GDPR close at hand, your company needs an effective way of marketing that complies with the new legislation. Search Engine Optimisation is a reliable and effective way to market your business that complies with GDPR laws. If you’re thinking about using SEO Manchester based SEO Enterprise can provide digital marketing campaigns for any business.

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