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How to find the right keywords

How to find the right keywords


Researching the right keywords for your business can be a daunting task. There are many different factors at play when it comes to the research. You can’t simply target the biggest keyword for your business.

Why not?


Of course, you want to target what most people are searching for, but by doing so you’ll be coming up against the industry big boys; huge brands with more resources than you are tough competitors for small businesses. This means the chance for actually ranking may take years.


The big keywords have another problem; as they are often revolving around vague topics, the keyword brings in a lot of traffic, but the number of buying customers driven to you will be low.


How do you find the keywords you can rank high on in the near future?

Google AdWords:

AdWords is great for providing revenue-generating keywords in seconds. Use Google Keyword Planner tool to give you volume and competition feedback for your different keywords.

You can even use it to search your competitor’s main keywords. Popping their home page URL in will give you a comprehensive list of related terms. You can use the relative information to organize a list of keywords directly into Ad Groups.

Your keyword choices are the most important part of your SEO; as each effective SEO campaign starts with a wisely selected keyword.

Doing an in-depth keyword research allows you to focus your resources on only the best and most profitable ones, meaning you can save a lot of time, and a lot of money.

Your keywords are the key to your door, so let the right ones in. Whether you are interested in getting readers or buyers, the right keyword will bring you what you are looking for.

Understanding the importance of keyword research is the first step when undertaking an SEO service so that you are targeting the correct clientele, and moving your business in a positive direction.

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