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Fast Food | Fast SEO – SEO Company in Manchester

Fast Food | Fast SEO – SEO Company in Manchester

Are you feeling a little peckish? Are you feeling a takeaway for the weekend? If you’re a regular fast food foodie, or even a casual one, how do you order your food? Using a phone app? Online, or the traditional way with a menu over the phone? What if we said there was a much easier and even quicker way to have your food delivered to your door? What if we said Google created a new way which allows consumers to order their food directly from the search engine’s results? As an SEO company in Manchester, it’s only right that we try this out…

All consumes would need to do is search for a nearby take-out restaurant on their phone, select place and order, and find a relevant third-party delivery service to order your food. Google has partnered up with six delivery companies to date and are planning to expand on this in the future. As it stands, this fast food feature is only available on mobile phones and in the U.S. – always a catch isn’t there? But they are planning on delivering this service across the waters, so keep an eye out for it. If our team members from our SEO company in Manchester venture out into the States, we’ll get them to try it out and give us their feedback. It will be interesting to see how this develops and just how easy it will be to order a takeaway online.

If you have a new marketing idea that you want advertising and marketed via the online channels, get in touch with our SEO company in Manchester. We’re always excited and eager to listen to new business ideas and love nothing more than to help make your venture a success. Or maybe you have an existing product or service in place, but need help rethinking your strategy, then just get in touch with our friendly team.

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