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Everything You Need To Remember To Create A Successful App

Everything You Need To Remember To Create A Successful App

Smart phones have become the must have electronic device in nearly every corner of the planet. With everyone having their phone no more than 3 feet from their person at all times, businesses have the opportunity to utilise this fact for their own end by creating apps.

Want to track your heart rate? Play games? Set a budget? Do your shopping? Track your bowel movements? – yep, there’s an app for that.

But what are the keys to success for apps? We take a look at what makes an app popular – from the big hitters like Candy Crush to more niche apps that have a big underground following – to find out what makes a great app:


For apps, less is more. The best apps on the market generally do one thing, but they do it very well. The app doesn’t generally have to do anything original either, some of the best apps simply improve on another app already out there. You have to think of your app as a product, so it either has to solve a problem, entertain, improve a current idea or be a completely new concept.


The best apps have some sort of viral mechanism built-in so that each user who enjoys the app can attract further users by sharing or inviting friends. A lot of apps are based around communication, they only really work if you can get your friends to use them too. Imagine how well apps like WhatsApp and Instagram would work without other users.


Most apps are made for iPhone first, but never forget to include Android. Android now has a 50% market share in most markets, making it the dominant platform. So whilst it may feel as though Apple have the upper hand, you would be foolish to neglect the Android platform.

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