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Our Mission To Change The World

Here at SEO Enterprise we specialise in providing high quality, consumer friendly and dynamic SEO services.

The SEO Enterprise Ethos

We’re based in Manchester and are a small but dedicated team, meaning that we never outsource any aspect of the process. We keep it in-house so you always know exactly who you’re dealing with. It’s more welcoming that way too, and we want you to be able to talk to us about your business or approach us with any worries or concerns. We strive to build solid relationships with our clients so that no stone is left unturned and every base is covered, ensuring your business reaches its full potential. We offer a package like no other; our approach is unabridged, meaning every aspect and possible outcome is taken care of with longevity in mind.

We Work With You...

We don’t tie our clients in to yearlong contracts. We believe that if we can’t boost your business or you’re not happy, you should be able to leave and go elsewhere if you wish. We’re not in the business of holding people and their livelihoods to ransom, it’s just not what we do and it’s not best practice. It’s not ethical either, and we pride ourselves on being fair and honest with the provision our services. We’re paid on performance; if we don’t come through for you, we don’t get paid. It’s that simple, but it’s never happened. We dedicate ourselves to providing the best SEO services and that’s why we have happy clients at the end of the month.


Our clients receive committed and thorough account management, and because we are such a small team there’s no chance of miscommunication or lost information. We work well as a team and in turn we work well for our clients. Superior service doesn’t have to cost the Earth and we’re proof of that. We don’t believe in sacrificing the quality of the work we do for our clients to save on costs, so we won’t ever put them in a position where they’re forced to choose between cost and quality for their own clients. Again it’s unethical and we don’t do it. We only provide reliable and progressive services with our clients at the heart of it.

We're SEO Experts

We work daily to improve your Google ranking using only the finest methods

Content Marketing

We can write you great content for your site and social media

Social Media

We can run and manage your social media presence

Direct Marketing

We can build your audience and help get your message to them.

SEO Analysis

Let SEO Enterprise tell you how you're doing today, and how we can improve things

One On One

We work closely with you and keep your informed of progress every step of the way

Rocket Fuelled SEO Services

Our managing director is the one who takes care of and implements all the search engine optimisation. He can usually be found at the computer tinkering away, making light work of the many tasks and checks that require daily maintenance to ensure our clients websites and conversion rates are working at their utmost best. He’s extremely knowledgeable and his expertise in the field is second to none.

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Our Team Of Experts

We have an in-house sales director, who manages the accounts and acts on leads or direct requests for our services. He visits potential clients and longstanding ones at the site of business, so that he can be the friendly face and the familiar voice when clients call us. He knows the best routes and prime areas to target and work on, using his expertise in marketing and making only solid promises. He is always available by phone and nothing is too small or insignificant; if you’re concerned or you don’t understand something we have put in place for you, he will be more than happy to talk it through with you until you feel comfortable.

We recently hired a copywriter to take care of the blogging, social media and editorial writing side of the business. Every website we build and every client we have on board has a blog for their site. It not only gives customers an insight into the business they’re spending money with, but on the search engine optimisation side of things it provides a boost and allows for more ways to find our clients sites, bringing more legitimate and natural hits. Blogs are a great way for people to find out more about a product, read reviews and testimonials, case studies too. They give more information before a customer commits to buy and shows interest by a business into their customer’s peace of mind. Our copywriter carefully studies the client and their product as she writes, ensuring only honest promotion and comprehensive information distribution.

When it comes to conversion rate optimisation and website building, we never simply select keywords, we optimise the whole site. Getting your business to page one is just the start of the story. We won’t just propel you to the top and leave you there, we’re a lead generation company and we stick with you for as long as you want us. We will keep an eye on your business, continuing the optimisation, sustaining your growth and development to make sure you remain where you’ll be noticed. We would never let our hard work and your success unravel. Organic search traffic is the best kind, and that’s what we want to achieve for our clients so we don’t stop our campaign until we get you just that. We keep on working to achieve organic search traffic amongst other kinds such as referral and direct traffic, unlike other SEO companies who will send clients off into the ether on the back of hitting a target once. We also work to bring you complete sales, orders and legitimate enquiries, solid leads and the promise of turning potential customers into paying ones.


Phillip Collins

The Captain

After spending eight years in retail and getting his degree, Phil used his exemplary customer service skills to become an account manager for an internet marketing company. It was here that he discovered SEO and his passion for the discipline grew



Copywriting Guru

Jordan is a big part of our Copywriting team, tirelessly implementing content and social media strategies for a number of our top clients.

Let Us Boost You Today!

We don’t lead our clients up the path to nowhere, we don’t promise what we can’t deliver, and we don’t cut corners. We don’t confuse you with jargon and we don’t hide anything from you. You can ask us any time for updates and reports and we’ll give them to you. Our results are one hundred per cent trackable. Get in touch with us for a friendly consultation today, no obligation and no charge. We are an SEO company like no other. We’re with you for the journey, for as long as you need us. Live long and prosper on board SEO Enterprise!