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Dreamr are a digital development and design company based in Manchester. They create content rich, interactive and reliable apps for Android and iPhone, flawless and modern websites for the web and mobile interfaces plus innovative company branding. The team are professional with fresh creativity, allowing for the ultimate in dynamic and unique forward thinking. They offer fantastic face to face support, and are always at the other end of a phone or an email. They’re not afraid of a challenge, and are always pushing boundaries. They also specialise in apps for Apple TV and the Apple Watch, making the Dreamr experience an immersive one unlike any other.

Dreamr and SEO Enterprise work as a partnership. We take care of all of their local SEO needs, whilst they do their own social media and blogs. When they came on board with us they were on page three of Google, however they had a vision of being on page one, which is what we always strive for with our clients. Two months down the line they are on page one for app development Manchester, which is amazing. The partnership works really well, and the client is extremely happy with everything so far. They’re proud to say they work with us and say they would recommend us to anyone in need of SEO help for their business.

Just because we’ve gotten Dreamr onto page one, it doesn’t mean we will stop our hard work. Once we’ve gotten a client to page one, the graft continues to keep them there and push them further. Coupled with the client’s expertise our SEO skills, ethical practices and industry knowledge makes sure all of our clients are the best they can possibly be in their field and remain in that ever important top spot on page one.