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How To Create The Perfect SEO Content

How To Create The Perfect SEO Content

It’s no secret that SEO can help businesses of all sizes that operate online. After all, you can’t do business if people don’t know you’re out there; and in this modern age, if anyone wants to find ANYTHING, it’s done with a quick search on Google.

With the rising complexity of SEO, it can be difficult to know how to create effective content that works. Here we are going to share a few tips on how to create The Perfect SEO Content.


Always write your content for a reader based on a certain topic. Focus on that main topic; adding variations, synonyms, related words throughout the content. Most of this will be covered if you just write naturally, but doing your research into keywords beforehand helps you identify the exact words people are using to search.


As well as having your keywords in your URL try and include them in the first 100 words or around the title as well as at the end. Having your keywords in italics or bold within the text will also help your keywords stand out.


It is important you write about a certain topic because that is what Google is looking for in the form of certain words, and combination of words that indicate towards the topic. Create a list of all the synonyms and related areas for your topic before you start writing and add them throughout the content as headings, sections, bullet points etc. A common mistake that copywriters make is trying to artificially change the content, sentences, and structure to suit new words. Doing this makes it loses its naturality and will feel wooden and disjointed.


You want your content to be an easy read, so avoid bulky intimidating blocks of solid text and break it up into smaller sentences and paragraphs. Headings and sub-headings can be your best friend, so make use of them. Bullet points will help break up lists as well. Make use of images often to break up the monotony of text and inject a bit of excitement into your content. Quotes, tweets, videos, slides; all types of media you can include will help you create interesting content that people will want to read. Just make sure it is relevant to the topic.


The better your headline is the more improved the CTR of your search result will be. Use proven headline formulas – they work for a reason. Optimise the length of your title, try different content types, and add emotional power words for more impact.


When you use links in your content always make sure they are authoritative and relevant content that matches with yours. Weaker content can benefit from a boost with links to more powerful content.


When it comes to writing longer pieces make sure it is for the right reasons. Don’t feel that just because you are writing more will rank you higher; write the best possible content to suit your needs. Sometimes audiences want shorter copy, maybe even something different entirely; videos, or podcasts for example.


You should always be writing content for people first, keeping in mind that you need to optimise for keywords. If you write the other way around you will end up with content that nobody wants to read.

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