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Content Marketing Strategy

Content marketing is simple; generate content to attract and retain your audience. By creating and publishing relevant content, in the form of blogs, articles, social media posts, or video content, displays a degree of expertise and competence to potential clients while also helping to boost your rankings for relevant terms on Google and other search engines.
Why is content focused marketing important?
- Businesses with an active weekly blog receive up to 67% more leads than those with no regular content.

- Nearly half (47%) of potential buyers view between three and five blogs or individual pieces of content on a website before proceeding with a sale.

- 72% of business-to-business (B2B) marketing professionals support content marketing and claim it increases their number of leads.
Content marketing not only helps to boost engagement with your potential customers, but it also helps to boost your visibility on search engines. The most unique relevant content your site is producing, the stronger Google will rank you against your search terms. With a dedicated SEO campaign, you can turn every piece of content into a valuable link to increase the authority of your homepage!
Content marketing creates more engaged customers and helps to put a personal stamp on your brand, which aids in customer retention and drives business growth! By publishing engaging content, you are more likely to accumulate loyal customers who rely on your industry expertise. Publishing your pieces on social media can expediate this process by allowing your readers or viewers to like and share your content!
The phrase “content is king” was coined by Bill Gates in 1996 and is still a common mantra of the SEO industry today. This is because the only way to increase organic traffic from genuine and legitimate potential customers is though the generation of regular and unique content so that Google knows to treat your site as an industry authority.
Here at SEO Enterprise, we conduct every SEO campaign with a focus on generating relevant and high-quality content. We do not engage in unscrupulous methods of forcing short-term SEO results like keyword stuffing and plagiarising, as these only get businesses penalised by Google in the long run! Content marketing is the only viable and sustainable approach to SEO that will see your online traffic and sales increase over the long term!
If you’re unsure what a content focused SEO campaign could do for your business and sales, we offer a free no-obligation website analysis. With 100% transparency and no lengthy contracts, you have nothing to lose! Get in touch with us to see how content marketing can revitalise your business!