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Compare the Google.com

Compare the Google.com

Imagine having to compete with Google on the search engines; it’s not worth thinking about is it? They would have the resources, the budget and not forgetting the team of fully qualified SEO experts available. It would seem impossible to do so and we can imagine that they would do everything in their power to prevent other companies from stepping over them. We also wonder whether Google would play by its own rules. Saying that, we’re confident that our SEO services Manchester would put up a good fight against Google.

Although it’s a scary thought having to compete against the search engine giants, it’s going to happen – well for car insurance companies and comparison sites anyway. If this alone has put the fear in you to step it up a notch, then get in touch with us today for information about how our SEO services Manchester can help you out.

Anyway, back to Google’s new venture, “Google Compare Auto Insurances Services Inc.”. It doesn’t really have a ring to it does it, and it doesn’t exactly roll of your tongue either. Google will be soon launching their new car insurance comparison site and there’s even a rumour going round that they may even sell car insurance as a product. Fortunately, this new service of Google won’t be available in the UK, just 25 US states. Still, if it works out well, we could see them moving to the British search engines in the near future. And just because it’s a US based service, it doesn’t mean that you should neglect your online marketing campaign and who better to contact than SEO Enterprise for our SEO services Manchester.

If Google’s new launch has given you a fright or you feel threatened by a competitor, get in touch with us today. Don’t leave your SEO services Manchester to the last minute, and don’t worry if you’re not local, SEO is national, which means our service is too.


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