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Common Mistakes That SEO Copywriters Make

Common Mistakes That SEO Copywriters Make

As the foundation of a great SEO campaign, it is important that a copywriter and technician work together in order to provide clients with the best results possible. After all, there is nothing more counter-productive than poor-quality content that is littered with mistakes. Here at SEO Enterprise, we have decided to go over three common mistakes that copywriters tend to make and why they should be avoided at all costs. Read on to find out more…

Lack of Internal Linking

Although it can be seen as a black-hat technique when used incorrectly, internal linking is thought to be one of the most misunderstood methods in SEO. After all, it creates paths for users to navigate a website, increases the crawl rate of a site, tells the search engine which pages are the most important and helps index web pages by keyword. As a result, copywriters should ensure that their articles have the potential to be linked internally by creating relevant and high-quality content.

Irrelevant Keywords

When a piece of content is crafted, it is important that the keyword it is powering has relevance to the text itself. After all, too many copywriters filter a lot of irrelevant keywords into their content which makes the articles difficult to read and user unfriendly. Not only is this a black-hat technique known as keyword stuffing, it also runs the risk of a site being penalised for spam. After all, quality content is determined by the way that a user can interact with it.

Lack of Blog Awareness

One of the biggest misconceptions of SEO is that the content is not made to be read by users, but by the search engine alone. This mindset can affect the organic traffic that a site receives as it causes copywriters to churn poor-quality articles that are only going to affect a campaign in the long run. In addition to this, content should also be promoted on social sites in order to obtain shares, backlinks and connections.

Here at SEO enterprise, we work closely as a team and with our clients in order to ensure that our campaigns are successful on every wavelength. After all, content that is not optimised for both the user and the search engine will negatively affect an entire campaign and may lead to severe repercussions in the SERPs. In order to find out more information, get in contact with a copywriter or SEO technician at SEO Enterprise today!

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