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Combining organic SEO & PPC

Combining organic SEO & PPC

Whilst we champion organic SEO as the most cost-effective, long-term solution to get visitors to your website, we do understand that in some cases, Pay-Per-Click (PPC) can be beneficial as well.

If you’re not familiar with PPC we’ll give you a quick overview. When you Google something, in the search returns you will often see a little yellow “Ad” next to some of the results. Like this artificial grass search:

screen 1

The top four results which have the “Ad” button next to it are paying to be at the top of Google. The amount of competition depends on how much they pay to be there, but every time a visitor clicks through to their website, it costs them a set amount i.e. “Pay-Per-Click.”

This kind of online marketing can generate quick results but can cost an absolute fortune. And, once your money runs out, you’ll disappear from the top of Google. It’s not a long-term, or cost-effective marketing solution. However, by combing PPC with organic SEO, you can really see some great results.

So why should you consider using both times of marketing?

Well first and foremost it really maximises your visibility. This is because organic SEO and PPC deliver results in two different ways. SEO offers long-term visibility and free traffic whilst PPC offers tailored, immediate and paid for visibility. By covering both bases you’ll be making the most of Google.

Secondly, the way people browse online has changed dramatically over the years. We are no longer limited to desktop computers; instead we have a real mix of devices including mobiles devices and smartphones. In fact, the latter is taking over more traditional browsing methods as we increasingly demand content on the go. This means optimisation cannot be done with one certain display in mind. PPC ads may be the first results delivered on some displays whilst on others the organic listings will be displayed first. By using both PPC and organic SEO you again, maximise your visibility.

And lastly, it has been shown, by hundreds of studies conducted by Google, that PPC ads actually boost SEO results. Despite some thinking that PPC ads take the place of organic listings, the majority of PPC ads are not replaced by organic clicks when paid for ads are stopped.

So there you have it! Combining organic SEO and PPC might be a strategy worth thinking about. If you’d like to discuss our SEO services and how they can help your particular business, contact us at SEO Enterprise today 0161 826 1999.


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