Cheshire Metalcraft


The Client

Main Keyword: Gates Manchester

As one of our oldest clients, Cheshire Metalcraft have been on board for a good few years now, while the results of their SEO campaign have never failed to impress.

Based not far from ourselves in Manchester, Cheshire Metalcraft are providers of top-quality gates throughout the surrounding areas. Placing a strong emphasis on seamless customer care and the efficiency of their services, they’ve been able to develop a fantastic reputation and an expansive portfolio of completed jobs.

That being said, they were also quick to recognise the sheer competitiveness of their industry, as well as the importance of making an impact on the digital marketplace. Of course, this is what led them to SEO Enterprise.

The Results


Since then, we’ve been able to achieve some absolutely incredible results, with a huge string of major page 1 rankings and a constant increase in web traffic figures. Last year, Cheshire Metalcraft enjoyed their biggest year yet, which just goes to show how this campaign has continued to flourish and grow.

In 2017, Cheshire Metalcraft were already enjoying a whole host of page 1 position 1 rankings, after the hard work we’d put into the beginning of the campaign. With main keywords such as ‘gates Manchester’ and ‘gates North West’ sitting at the top of the search engines, it’s not hard to see just how successful this campaign has been.


It’s these impressive keyword rankings that’s led to a constant increase in web traffic and conversions. Last year, Cheshire Metalcraft saw almost 25,000 visitors come through to their site, with over 75% of these coming via organic search. Of those 25,000 visitors, well over 2000 of them came through to the ‘contact us’ page (and therefore possibly converted), with over 83% of these users coming through organically.

The fact that such a large percentage of the traffic is coming through organic search really is testimony to the importance of SEO.

The Future

Of course, the real trick now is to keep those keyword rankings exactly where they are. Following an impressive start to 2018, we’re fully confident that we’ll be able to achieve exactly that and keep Cheshire Metalcraft sitting on top of the pile.

Not even halfway through the year yet, they’ve already seen almost 10,000 users through to their site, with 76% of these coming through organic search. Since SEO is such a long-term investment, we’re delighted to see we’ve been able to maintain our incredible results and haven’t ever let the standard drop.

We’re expecting big things for Cheshire Metalcraft in 2018, and we can’t wait to update you again at the end of the year to show off what we’ve achieved!

If, like Cheshire Metalcraft, you want to boost your online presence and start to dominate the market, then you’ll need the best SEO Manchester has to offer. Contact us at SEO Enterprise today to find out how we can help transform your business