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Charities we support

Here at SEO Enterprise, we strive to attain the absolute best results for our customers. Our mission is to skyrocket our clients to the first page of Google in order to maximise their visibility to potential customers and boost their sales. We do this through a carefully refined process combining website analysis, content generation, and engaging with Google trends to identify the best keywords to focus on to ascend your website to that number one spot!

But SEO Enterprise as has another mission: to help change the world. This is the basis of our new initiative to help charities, non-profits, and any other good causes that could benefit from our SEO and online marketing services. We currently support two incredible charitable organisations with our services:

Speed Of Sight

Speed of Sight is a fantastic and unique charity that offers blind, visually impaired, and disabled people the opportunity to engage in high-speed racing in a completely safe environment. Speed of Sight uses specially modified dual control cars and fully qualified driving instructors to ensure safety and comfort while their drivers race around one of their partner tracks. They even offer blindfolded driving experienced for fully sighted and fully abled people, to increase awareness and empathy. This is an incredible organisation dedicated to helping blind and disabled people experience something that they have been told they never will, and the smiles they produce are reward enough for us! We love Speed of Sight and are dedicated to helping them through our SEO services. Speed of Sight has an incredible Inspire25 club for those who wish to donate a small monthly payment to help support their causes. You can also make a one-off donation today, or volunteer some time!

Widows Empowerment Trust


The Widows Empowerment Trust is a charity dedicated to supporting widows and widowers with social inclusion and support. Widows Empowerment is devoted to helping those in grief or who have suffered bereavement with empathy and compassion. This unbelievable organisation mobilises a whole community to support those in need by organising home or telephone visits through their befriending service, helping with household tasks or errands, and arranging company for medical appointments. The trust will even help complete paperwork for bereavement support and ensure that it is submitted properly. If you’d like to support Widows Empowerment Trust you can donate today, or become a volunteer to help out!

These two organisations are just the beginning of our mission to change the world! SEO Enterprise is eager to support charitable causes that change lives and help those who need it most. If you represent a charity that could benefit from our services, please get in touch today!