How Social Media Impacts SEO

Ever since the creation of Facebook in 2004 and the development of Twitter in 2006, social media has taken the world by storm and has become the forefront of every industry. From politics to advertising campaigns; everything has moved online in order to increase the likeness of high-quality leads and conversions. Here at SEO Enterprise, […]

What Can You Do With Google Search Console

For anyone with a website, Google’s free webmaster tools are essential. You have probably heard of Google Analytics (if you haven’t then you really should check that out, honestly, it’ll change your life). If you have, then you should consider adding Google Search Console to your list of Google resources. Ways To Use Google Search […]

3 SEO Horror Stories Perfect For Halloween

It’s time to fish out the face paint and pumpkin carving set, because the spookiest time of year is almost upon us once again. The winds are becoming sharper and colder, while the trees have been stripped of their branches and the skies remain permanently overcast. More importantly, black hat SEO companies continue to lurk […]

Everything You Need To Remember To Create A Successful App

Smart phones have become the must have electronic device in nearly every corner of the planet. With everyone having their phone no more than 3 feet from their person at all times, businesses have the opportunity to utilise this fact for their own end by creating apps. Want to track your heart rate? Play games? […]

Busting SEO Myths

Everyone loves a good rumour – that juicy piece of gossip that they can discuss with their friends in whispered voices behind cupped hands. We know rumours usually have no foundations in reality, they’re just a creative story that we can enjoy, but sometimes rumours can go further than intended, and when people start believing […]

What Video Games Can Teach Us About Digital Marketing

Video games are awesome. They always have been. From retro classics such as Pac-Man and Sonic The Hedgehog, to ground-breaking online multiplayer shooters, to complete universes in virtual reality; there’s just nothing quite like a good video game to blow off some steam. But video games are much more than the addictive past-times we all […]

Most Common Reasons Google Can’t Crawl Your Pages

Not many people know this, but when you search on Google, you aren’t actually searching the web. Instead, you are searching an index of the web, collated by Google. The Google index is a collection of all the pages that they have crawled and cached; which is two times more pages than Yahoo! and Bing. […]

A Guide To Local SEO In 2018

For smaller businesses, an effective local SEO strategy could be just what they need to finally beat their competitors. If you don’t believe us, then just take a second to think about your own browsing habits. If you were looking for the “best restaurant in Manchester”, for example, then the chances are you’re going to […]

The Most Important SEO Ranking Factors In 2018

SEO has always been a little like the weather: it’s always changing and it’s pretty much impossible to predict. In fact, most SEO experts would agree that modern practises are almost unrecognisable to what they were in the early days, with Google constantly tweaking and updating their ranking factors. Of course, these updates are usually […]

Does Your Business Need To Start Worrying About Google Home?

“Okay Google, show me how to optimise for voice search.” The impact voice-activated technology has had on SEO is nothing short of staggering. The rising sales of the Google Home and Amazon Echo suggest a major shift in search trends, with experts suggesting that 50% of Google searches will be conducted by voice search by […]