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Google is forever expanding its horizons and stepping into open gaps within the online world, whilst keeping our SEO services Manchester team on their toes ensuring that they’re on top of Google’s game. So what is the search engine giant’s latest venture? They have introduced a new “buy button” to their search results.

You must have heard the expression “stands out like a sore thumb” before. If not, then where have you been? This popular phrase (or not so popular if you haven’t heard this expression), simply means when something stands out to the public eye. This could literally be a sore thumb, an overly bright t-shirt or maybe an outstanding, creative brand logo. If it’s the latter that you’re interested in, then you should contact our creative experts at our branding company in Manchester.

Are you feeling a little peckish? Are you feeling a takeaway for the weekend? If you’re a regular fast food foodie, or even a casual one, how do you order your food? Using a phone app? Online, or the traditional way with a menu over the phone? What if we said there was a much easier and even quicker way to have your food delivered to your door? What if we said Google created a new way which allows consumers to order their food directly from the search engine’s results? As an SEO company in Manchester, it’s only right that we try this out…

How many times have you heard your parents say that to you? Always use protection – it doesn’t get more awkward than that does it? Protection is crucial in the online world, and our online marketing Manchester services always, always, always ensures that each and every one of our clients’ website is secure. So to all the hackers out there, you’ve met your match! We’re the Liam Neeson of the online world!

It’s not uncommon for someone to ask this question and we often get asked the benefits that our SEO services Manchester wide provide, and we’re always happy to answer these questions. It’s our job and it’s a service that we are passionate about.

So, do you need SEO? The answer is yes.

Oh dear, it looks like Google will be crossed off WikiLeaks Christmas card list this year after the search engine giants disclosed three of WikiLeaks employees data to the federal law-enforcement officials on CHRISTMAS EVE 2014. Talk about timing and what a way to kill the Christmas spirit. Ba-humbug! They handed over, the employees Gmail content, metadata, subscriber information and other additional pieces of content. It’s worth noting that WikiLeaks were issued with federal search warrants. I don’t suppose WikiLeaks will be consulting Google for SEO services Manchester wide tips anytime soon, do you?

Imagine having to compete with Google on the search engines; it’s not worth thinking about is it? They would have the resources, the budget and not forgetting the team of fully qualified SEO experts available. It would seem impossible to do so and we can imagine that they would do everything in their power to prevent other companies from stepping over them. We also wonder whether Google would play by its own rules. Saying that, we’re confident that our SEO services Manchester would put up a good fight against Google.