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Buddha Beauty Case Study

Buddha Beauty Case Study

We’ve certainly come a long way since SEO Enterprise first sprang into life just over 18 months ago, and this is highlighted through our progression with our very first client. Buddha Beauty are a fantastic beauty salon based in Chorlton that came on board right at the very start of our journey, and it’s fair to say that they haven’t looked back.

If you fancy an afternoon of being pampered and preened, then Buddha Beauty might be right up your street! Boasting a range of excellent beauty treatments and holistic therapies, they provide their customers with a perfect place to unwind at the end of a hard day’s work. Whether you fancy a pedicure, a massage or even some acupuncture, Buddha Beauty prides itself on its excellent service, and they are now gearing up for a very busy Christmas period.

However, it hasn’t always been this way, and Buddha Beauty were in a completely different position when we first took them on 18 months ago. For starters, their website wasn’t ranking at all and they were finding it very difficult to drum up any business- mainly due to the fact that nobody was able to even find their website through the search engines.

Since those early days, we have to say that we feel extremely proud of the incredible progress that Buddha Beauty has made, and that their fortunes appear to have well and truly been turned around. In just our first month with them, we achieved over 86 page 1 positions and delivered 1000 unique visitors.

It’s fair to say that our Buddha Beauty campaign got off to a cracking start, and the hard work and dedication has continued throughout our whole time together- and this certainly shows through their recent results.

Buddha Beauty are now page 1 position 1 for one of their main keywords “beauty salon Chorlton”, and also sitting in position 4 for “beauty salon Manchester”. There have also been 1449 visits to the website and 1127 unique visitors- as well over 1000 organic/search traffic.

These impressive results come from months of hard work and dedication, and Buddha Beauty can be assured that this will continue in the future! We really are proud of the excellent work we’ve been doing with the beauty salon, and we will be doing everything in our power to ensure their continued success.

We deal with a variety of absolutely fantastic clients, and this is just an example of exactly why we provide the best SEO Manchester has to offer! We’re sure that Buddha Beauty will continue to flourish and that we will enjoy a prosperous future together!

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