Why SEO is More Important That Ever During COVID-19

As a world-wide pandemic continues to force dozens of different countries into an indefinite lockdown, the future of many businesses may be in turmoil as they find themselves on the chopping block. After all, British consumers are being advised to stay indoors which can significantly reduce business for retail industries that rely on face-to-face interaction […]

The Difference Between Link Building and Link Outreach

There is a wide range of different techniques that can be implemented within SEO in order to produce high-quality, reliable results that will withstand the test of time. With this said, it is important that marketers utilise all methods ethically in order to ensure that their campaigns are not affected by ranking penalisations. Read on […]

Do Google Advertisements Affect SEO?

There is no doubt that the Google search engine is the most popular option when it comes to browsing the web. In fact, the majority of internet marketers will also optimise for Google because its algorithms are well-known and familiar. With this said, Google has implemented a lot of changes over the years and organic […]

3 Features of Google Analytics

Since internet marketing is an online industry, it is impossible for clients to physically hold their purchase and the results are instead shown in the form of analytics, such as when a website receives increased organic traffic, high-quality referrals or manages to convert a user into a customer. As a free platform, Google Analytics is […]

3 Things That Google Hates on a Website

As the most popular search engine on the internet, it is safe to say that Google has a lot of power when it comes to the way that websites are ranked in the SERPs. After all, a website can be penalised due to the implementation of poor-quality features like hidden text and the use of […]

What Makes a Website Trustworthy to Users?

Although it is important that SEO technicians take search engine algorithms into consideration when optimising for a campaign, it is also vital that the user isn’t forgotten about. After all, the algorithms themselves stipulate that the user must play a critical role in the way that marketing methods are implemented, particularly when it comes to […]

The Importance of User Friendly SEO

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As the focus of SEO continues to change with each major algorithm update, it is important that technicians understand how a website is ranked in the SERPs. After all, the search engine carries out an in-depth analysis on a site, its content and the internet marketing methods that have been implemented in order to determine […]

3 Defiant SEO Techniques

As one of the most adaptable internet marketing industries, search engine optimisation as we know it today is completely unrecognisable in comparison to its 1990’s counterpart. After all, the methods that are utilised have changed drastically over the years and it is now more competitive than ever to rank at the top spot in the […]

Does a Blog Influence Organic Traffic?

A successful SEO campaign should implement a high-quality and regularly updated blog in order to provide clients with the results that they expect. After all, many business owners who choose to invest in internet marketing tend to have a blog built into their site after SEO technicians have been consulted. In fact, research suggests that […]

The Lifespan of Content in SEO

Content can be added to a website in the form of blogs and articles in order to increase the number of pages that the search engine can crawl. With this said, it is important that technicians understand the importance of relevance and quality which is why many pieces of content are often removed and improved […]