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Black Hat SEO

Black Hat SEO

Search engine optimisation (SEO) is the process of trying to maximise organic traffic to a website by increasing its ranking and visibility on the search engine results page (SERP). The ideal goal of any SEO campaign is to get the website to the top result on the first SERP when corresponding terms are entered into Google or another search engine. SEO is relatively new, originating in the 90s, but now has a whole industry revolving around generating fresh content and building strong links with reliable sources to encourage organic traffic to visit the site.

Since the establishment of SEO as a practice and industry, SEO technicians have devised various ways of achieving SEO success. Some of these methods result in low-quality webpages with duplicated or plagiarised content, but still result in a higher ranking on the SERPs, so some technicians employ these methods on purpose in order to trick the search engine into displaying low-quality content in high-visibility spots. This is referred to as “Black Hat” SEO.

Black hat SEO basically encompasses all methods of inorganically boosting a site’s traffic without adding any content with unique value. Methods vary, especially in the modern-day where Google’s algorithms have become incredibly sophisticated and excellent at spotting black hat content. For example, keyword stuffing is simply fitting as many keywords into a webpage as possible, with no regard for how they are used or how many times they are repeated.

Similarly, the use of hidden text (text with the same colour as the background of hidden behind other page elements) can be used to boost search engine results without offering anything new to visitors at all. Plaigarisation is another popular tactic, for obvious reasons. Plaigarising work from other websites to pass off as your own provides a quick and easy method of releasing high-quality content, but is adding no new or unique information, instead piggy-backing on other site’s competence.

Any attempt to subvert Google’s guidelines to force inorganic traffic would fall under being black hat SEO. These methods are dangerous and harmful to potentially successful businesses as they only provide a short boost in traffic with no longevity to their campaigns. Black hat SEO campaigns must always remain one step ahead of Google’s algorithms, a feat which is becoming increasingly difficult. If found guilty of employing black hat methods, your site could be subjected to severe penalties which see your traffic plummet.

Don’t settle for black hat SEO technicians trying to convince you that dishonestly is the best way to grow your business. For only above-board, white hat SEO services, contact SEO Enterprise today for a free SEO analysis.

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