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Benefits of On-Site Blogging

Benefits of On-Site Blogging

You might wonder what the point is of blogging about a business or a company. You might think that blogging is just the same as a company news feed, or that a page about current offers or packages will suffice rather than weekly blogs. The thing is though, if a customer sees that you update a blog regularly with authentic and relatable content, they’re more likely to do business with you. Why? It’s simple: customers want to deal with human beings, not machines or automated services.

A company blogs shows that the business is interested in themselves. Trust us, there are plenty of business owners who are just in it for the money and don’t really care about customer service or satisfaction. Lots of companies, big ones at that, can be faceless and seem cold and corporate, and regardless of how much money you are spending you want to know your custom is valued and appreciated. If a business spends time showcasing themselves in a blog with case studies, it shows that they are proud of their business and take pride in what they do, which gives a huge indication of how well they will handle your business or services, and about the quality of the services or products too.

Blogs give the potential customers an insight into the product or service they are considering purchasing. Sometimes it can be a toss-up between a few different suppliers, so having a blog with up to date and easy to understand content with photos to illustrate the blog really helps a potential client make up their mind. It also shows you have nothing to hide as a business, and the client needs to feel secure with you.

Your search engine ranking will improve too if your site is showing to be alive and in working order. Relevant content is key; we can’t stress that enough. Rankings will improve and give credibility to your site, and when you work hard at maintaining your site the rewards are worth it. Nobody really uses a business or service past the first couple of pages on Google, so getting up there ranking-wise is so important, and with credible, relevant content in your blog you’ll be able to achieve this.

Sharing on social media is a fantastic way to get your business noticed these days, and having a blog to share is great for this. People read content on their phones on the bus to work for example, and so your blog has the potential to reach people you didn’t realise would be interested. Retweets and Facebook shares can go global! Blogs can be shared on so many different social media platforms these days, you’d be mad not to give it a go.

Getting legitimate quality links to your website is fundamental in SEO. When you have an active and good content blog on your site, the potential for other sites to link to you, quote you or use you as a source is right there. When this happens, the inbound links to your website add to the credibility of your site and score you great ranking points with Google. Add in traffic to your site and the potential for converting views into sales, and you’re well on your way to ranking top for your game within the search engine.

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