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The Benefits of Keeping Your Business In-House

The Benefits of Keeping Your Business In-House

Unlike a lot of SEO companies, here at SEO Enterprise we keep the entire process in-house. The reason for this is because we are such a small team and therefore we have the time to dedicate to each stage of the process. We believe that as a small team with the ability to provide this one to one care this makes us a stand out SEO company over some of our competitors. SEO companies are ten a penny, however if you want yours to stand out you must make sure you’re offering something different. In fact, any small business needs to make sure they are promoting themselves as having an edge or an extra twist to the service they provide, because it’s such a dog eat dog world when it comes to business.

Another benefit to not outsourcing the process stages to other companies or teams is that your clients will know exactly who they are dealing with when they call. When you have a business, especially if it is small, you need to make sure your clients want to stay with you for all the right reasons. You need to build trust and rapport with them, and they best way to do this is to provide consistency. You don’t want your customers speaking to different people whenever they call and explaining their concerns or the backstory to a situation over and over, and you want to make sure they feel comfortable talking to you.

It’s also easy to ensure a smooth process when you keep things in house. If there is ever a mistake made or some sort of error, it can usually be fixed really easily and often quicker than those mistakes made within large companies and definitely quicker than those mistakes made by another team who you have outsourced to. There are no people to chase up, you can simply address the small team you have and get to the bottom of the issue in no time. You can also find that smaller in-house teams have better relationships too, because they know they all have to pull together as they often have the same volume of work to do as bigger firms but with less people.

Sometimes you have no choice but to outsource some work but if you can you might find keeping things in house works better in the long run. As an SEO company we don’t like to outsource because we believe in-house is a better way to operate, but ultimately what works for one business might not work for another. We find it works for us, and we think our happy clients would agree!

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