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Always use protection

Always use protection

How many times have you heard your parents say that to you? Always use protection – it doesn’t get more awkward than that does it? Protection is crucial in the online world, and our online marketing Manchester services always, always, always ensures that each and every one of our clients’ website is secure. So to all the hackers out there, you’ve met your match! We’re the Liam Neeson of the online world!

Google are always looking for new ways to protect their online users, and their latest is a new tool which will protect and safeguard their Chrome users from unprovoked and unwanted phishing scams. How do these phishing attacks work? Well these cyber criminals falsely influence users into revealing their online private information including account details and passwords, using fake websites that look genuine. You can rest assured that SEO Enterprise are always one step ahead of the game in protecting our customers from our online marketing services Manchester-wide.

2% of all Gmail emails are malicious and 45% from these phishing attacks are successful. Don’t panic if you’ve been tricked, it’s easily done. If you do you receive an email that you’re unsure about, just send it through to our online marketing Manchester team and will investigate it.

Google’s new Chrome tool, Password Alert will be a free extension in which you can add to Chrome’s browser. All users who are trying to gain access using your Google account password will be tracked using the Password Alert tool. If a password has been entered into a website that Google hasn’t approved as a sign-in page, an alert message will appear on your screen. Google Chrome’s alert message will read as follows:

“Your Gmail password was just exposed to a non-Gmail login page”.

You can find the Password Alert tool in the Google Chrome store.

For more information about Google’s new protection tool, or you feel that you are being hacked, please don’t hesitate to contact the SEO Enterprise online marketing Manchester team. Our job is to not only get you ranking as highly as possible on the searching engines, but to also ensure that your website and business is protected online.

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