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Alton Towers Away Mission: SEO Enterprise Turns One!

Alton Towers Away Mission: SEO Enterprise Turns One!

YOU HEARD RIGHT, Y’ALL! We are a whole year old! To celebrate, the whole crew hit Alton Towers in Staffordshire and what a day it was! Taking the 8.35am train to Stoke-on-Trent and then a little train to Blythe Bridge, then a taxi to the park we arrived around quarter past ten, itching to get in and on some thrilling rides. We were so glad to see no queues and no crowds, what with it being a Monday and all, so we got right to it and started with the Congo River Rapids where we all got absolutely soaking! Then we moved on to the Runaway Mine Train, where we discovered our Chief Engineer and Helmsman did not enjoy the twists and turns of what was essentially a child’s roller coaster! Clinging to the safety bar for dear life and rapidly turning a rather sickly shade of green, our Comms Officer and Science Officer found them to be highly amusing!

Next the Captain and the Helmsman decided they would try out the Spinball Whizzer, and once again our Helmsman was white as a sheet when he disembarked! The Captain was just getting started, and so we headed over to The Forbidden Valley to ride the big boy coasters! Our Comms officer, Helmsman, First Officer and of course the Captain made a major beeline for Oblivion, and you can find videos and photos of this on our Instagram! We sat front row so we got complete immersion, loving the rush, but once it was over we looked over to our Helmsman and First Officer who were both rather emotional!

Next we went on Duel where our Science Officer absolutely slayed us all, then rode Nemesis, Rita, Th13teen, the Congo River Rapids and Runaway Mine Train again, took a trip on the SkyRide across the park, visited the beautiful aquarium where we petted starfish (our Comms Officer took great pleasure in that and felt rather at home in there, what with her being a mermaid and all) and took a pew in Mutiny Bay for burgers and beers. We had an amazing day and the weather held up for us the entire time, giving us all a lil’ splash of sunburn across our foreheads and noses. We headed back to Stoke-on-Trent station to catch our 5.59pm train to Manchester, our home planet where the crew decided that of course in the spirit of celebrating more ale was needed, with the exception of our Comms Officer who thought at least one of us had to be subdued and sober and so headed back to her quarters for some much needed shut eye.

The whole day was fantastic and we really celebrated in style, with the sun on our faces and excitement in our tummies – we just feel like we want to go all over again! We think Alton Towers will definitely be an annual thing! What theme parks do you guys love? Recommend some to us for our 2nd birthday! And, as always don’t forget, that if you need some SEO to boost your business, then give us a call or visit us across social media!

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