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A Guide To Local SEO In 2018


A Guide To Local SEO In 2018

For smaller businesses, an effective local SEO strategy could be just what they need to finally beat their competitors.

If you don’t believe us, then just take a second to think about your own browsing habits. If you were looking for the “best restaurant in Manchester”, for example, then the chances are you’re going to click on the first few results to appear on Google. But this has nothing to do with chance or luck, as those top results are there thanks to a thorough local SEO strategy.

It doesn’t matter what kind of industry you work in: local SEO is essential in dominating the surrounding area and becoming a part of the community. More importantly, it’s an absolutely fantastic way of raising awareness of your business and making sure customers choose to shop with you, rather than a competitor.

But what does a great local SEO strategy look like in 2018?

Target Local Keywords

Let’s go back to restaurants. If you were looking for a Chinese place in Manchester, then you wouldn’t just go ahead and type “Chinese restaurant” into Google. Of course, this would bring up a whole load of irrelevant results, no matter how delicious some of the food might look.

Instead, you’d search “Chinese restaurant Manchester”, specifying the area you’re interested in and ultimately allowing Google to bring you better results. Regardless of whether you sell sweet and sour pork or something else entirely, customers will always type in the area if they’re looking for local results.

For smaller businesses, this is an absolutely fantastic opportunity. Instead of going up against the bigger competitors on a national basis, you can now tailor your SEO strategy to dominate a particular area. Ultimately, this makes you much more competitive on a significantly smaller budget.

Now it’s just a case of doing the necessary keyword research to find out what it is your customers are searching, and then targeting those keywords with a killer strategy. This is where the SEO Enterprise crew come in handy.

Prioritize Mobile-Friendliness and Optimization

Think about it- when are you most likely to search for a local business? When you’re on-the-go!

Obviously, this means people will probably be searching via a smartphone, so you need to make sure you’re right at the top of the mobile search engines. This is exactly why responsive web design has become so important, since an unfriendly mobile site won’t just put off your users, but also hamper your search engine rankings.

In short, you need your website to be fast and responsive if you ever want to succeed with local SEO in Manchester.

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