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A Detailed Glossary of Important SEO Terms

A Detailed Glossary of Important SEO Terms

With technology at the forefront of everything from politics to advertising, the SEO industry has really taken off since 2010. In fact, it has become incredibly in-depth, which can make if difficult for beginner technicians to understand where to start. Here at SEO Enterprise, our team have years of experience to rely on in order to deliver a high-quality campaign that will provide the desired results. With this said, building up a bank of knowledge like this starts with the basics. Read on as we go over some of the most important SEO terms and what they mean…

301 Redirect

A redirect happens when you visit a specific website but are are taken to a different page with a different URL. In fact, there are two types: temporary and permanent. A 301 redirect is a permanent redirect that will transfer the rankings of a previous URL to a new one and automatically send users trying to access the old URL to the new one.

Alt Tag

As a part of HTML, an alt tag is an attribute of the IMG tag and it helps google know what your picture represents. After all, search engines cannot see the image themselves at this moment in time so an alt tag in SEO helps them know what the image is.

Blackhat Techniques

There are two sides to SEO: those who follow the rules and those who use unfair tactics in order to gain an advantage over competitors. These are known as ‘black-hat techniques’ and include things like keyword stuffing, link farms and cloaking. In recent years, search engines have been penalising technicians that use them.

Canonical Tag

Similar to a 301 redirect, a canonical tag is a part of HTML that tells search engines that duplicated content has been created. The idea is that the search engine will see the tag and transfer all the rankings to the canonical page.


Quite simply, this is a file that is important in SEO. It tells the search engines which areas of a website are restricted, which can be quite valuable although it sounds counterproductive. After all, excluding duplicated pages on a website or removing admin pages from indexing is a great way to ensure that ranking results aren’t affected.

Experienced SEO technicians should be able to understand the industry inside out in order to be able to provide a high-quality campaign. After all, there are many different components that are introduced every single year and it is their job to alter a campaign so that a website’s rankings are not affected. To find out more information about our approach to SEO, get in contact with a member of the SEO Enterprise team today!

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