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A Day in The Life of A Copywriter

A Day in The Life of A Copywriter

Having only taken up my post as copywriter at SEO Enterprise a couple of months ago, I wasn’t 100% sure of what to expect; I knew little about working for an SEO company. I have a long background of academic writing during my graduate and postgraduate studies, and I am accustomed to researching and writing papers on topics like politics, philosophy, and law. But copywriting was not something I had extensive experience in, and I knew writing for my clients would require an entirely different approach to writing for a peer-review process! This week I thought I’d try to summarise my day – unstructured though it is – in a blog to provide a glimpse into a day in the life of a copywriter.

When I arrived to work this morning I sat down with my mandated booting-up coffee and had a look over my list of content for the week. Never a morning person, I try to use my slower morning hours to plan out my titles for the day, which makes my afternoons go much smoother! Today I identified my topics as a blog about sneakers, a summary of screw piles and their history, a ‘lesser-known facts’ piece about roller shutters, and I thought I’d finish off the final instalment of my now-not-so-brief brief history of furniture styles. I was also asked to prepare a blog introducing a new client for our website.

By early afternoon my writing is well underway, and I find myself with 18 tabs on the history of Air Jordan sneakers open. Writing for my clients gives me a really unique opportunity to amass random and aimless knowledge about a host of different disciplines surrounding my clients’ businesses. Once I’d made my way through the many Air Jordan sneakers featured in famous 90s sitcom The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air, I made my way down the list to my furniture styles blog.

My “A Brief History of Furniture Styles” blog series really did start with honest intentions. It was going to be brief; I promise. But I think the problem was starting in the Stone Age. Now penning chapter number 6, I actually skipped an era or two to wrap up the timeline. I can now point out the differences between Art Nouveau and Art Deco and can tell you all about the Revival Era, which gives me more background knowledge to use for my client in future. My work also doubles as excellent preparation for pub quizzes and general knowledge tests.

Did you know that helical piles were invented by a blind engineer? Did you know that they were originally used for lighthouses and other constructions on sand and coastlines? Well, I do! Didn’t this morning, but do now. Such is the nature of my work.

By the middle of the afternoon, I had a few blogs down for the day and decided to turn my attention to welcoming our new client. These pieces help me to engage with my new client before I’ve even written for them, as I delve into their website and social media accounts to check out their services and achievements to share with our customers. It also helps me to get a feel for the ethos of the business and the tone and style of writing they enjoy having on their website, which all prepares me to start writing up the content for their site.

This will be the last piece I write for today I think, as the clock has just ticked past 6. Tomorrow will be another day researching and writing on this wide and random variety of disciplines, furthering my mental encyclopaedia of specialised knowledge mostly useless outside of these office walls. Such is a day in the life of a copywriter.

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